Small Squared Bottom Tote

Small Squared Bottom Tote

This is a simple squared bottom bag, a very useful method of bag design, which can be made into any shape or size bag. For example a beach bag or a large shopping tote.

What you need



Stage one / Picture 1:

Make a pattern out of paper, card or parcel paper. Draw a rectangle Width 36 cm Height 38.5 And then cut out a 4 cm square out of each bottom corner. These measurements include 1.5 cm hem allowance.


The strap is Width 10 cm Length 70 cm.

Stage 2/ Picture 2:


Put wrong side together, pin in place, stitch sides and bottom close to the edge approx. 5 mm.

Stage 3/ Picture 3


Pinch together corners of the fabric, stitch approx. 5 mm from the edge.

Stage 4 / Picture 4


Turn bag right side out, pin around the edge, then sew an approx. 1 cm hem.

Stage 5/ Picture 5


Again pinch corners together and sew a 1 cm hem.

Stage 6/ Picture 6

Fold down a 1 cm hem at the top of the bag, iron, and pin and then sew in place


Stage 7/ Picture 7

Straps To make the strap, fold the 2 sides to the center of the fabric, iron, then fold in half, iron. Stitch on both sides.

Tote 7

Stage 8 /Picture 8

Attaching the straps Fold down the top bag hem approx. 3 cm iron in place. Place the straps under hem about 8 cm apart. Pin in place. Stitch at the bottom & top of hem.


Stage 9/ Picture 9/9a

Fold the straps up, iron then pin in place. Stitch a square to keep in place. Picture 10 Finished bag (above).


Please note this took approx. 1 hour to 1 half hours to make. You can strength the bottom with cardboard or cross-stitch plastic.

This project was contributed by Emma Allnutt


  1. Thank you for using centimetres. I used inches when I was at school 60 years ago, but have used centimetres for over 30 years now. Anyway, tape measures come double sided and all you have to do is to turn the tape measure over if you wish to use the old imperial measurements.

  2. I am old fashioned…I want INCHES…not cm
    don’t know what they are and don’t want to learn now at my age

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!! THIS IS SO COOL! Oh- i am no being sarcastic! if only i had some fabric- oh wait! Ihave curtains!

  4. Thankyou for talking in cm, as most things are from the US and in inches, its hard to convert sometimes. Will definately give this a try!

  5. I’ve wondered how to get a flat bottom to a bag – thanks!

  6. This was a great easy idea that you can personalize. It also makes a quick gift idea!

  7. This is one of the cutest homemade bags I have ever seen!!

  8. i’m going to try the project. I think it looks like a pretty easy project for me. I have been looking all over the internet for a tote bag project to do, because I need one and this is the first one that actually seems like something I would want to do.

  9. Thanks it has inspired me!!!!!

  10. i am just talking to use all these letters up because i am so bored from the craft! Seriously, who will ever do that craft?
    Boring! Dont Do It EVER!!
    If You Are Like me And need something good to do and not sit around dont do this prodject! Bad Resut!!!

  11. Wow this looks like a fun project that is easy to make too!

  12. easy, and what i like is yourecelan and neat when using the sewing machine (the lines are straight–and most of the time I can’t do that!) –and it’s so easy I’m going to send this to my little sister as a starter’s sewing lesson. thanx

  13. Thank you!

  14. Simple, cute, spunky… I love it!

  15. easy to make and looks cute

  16. I don’t know what cm – talk in inches

  17. very good but it was way to complicated for my abilities.

  18. loved the pattern

  19. great project…thanks!

  20. Excellent Project !! Quick and Easy just how I like my crafts

  21. it was way too easy. it was to easy that it was boring.

  22. it was pretty fun to make, but i did not like what it turned out to be.

  23. meh…

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