Shower Jellies DIY

Shower Jellies DIY

Turn you shower or bath into a fun experience with these DIY shower jellies.

What you need

5 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 cup castile soap
Β½ tbsp. glycerin
3 cups boiling water
Molds or Jars
Food coloring (I used gel)


Step 1:

In a measuring cup add liquid soap and gelatin; set the mixture aside so it can thicken up (this should take about a minute).

Step 2:

In a large bowl or pot add glycerin to hot water stirring for a few seconds. Once the glycerin has been added stir in the soap mixture; stirring until the mixture has dissolved into the boiling water (make sure there are no lumps).

Step 3:

If you’re adding the mixture to molds add coloring to the bowl and pour into the molds. If you’re using jars add mixture to a few bowls, and place two drops of food coloring whisking until the color has been blended.

Step 4:

Cover with saran wrap and place in the fridge until the mixture is firm.

Step 5:

Layer your jars and give away as gifts.

Shower Jellies DIY


  1. Where do I find the castile soap?

  2. what is that kid of liquid soap and where would I fin it and the glycerin????

  3. Too bad there where not pictures to show the work as it went along in the process. It sounds like it would be nice. What about adding fragance?

  4. I love this idea!! I have some canning jars just lying around- these are
    perfect! What’s the shelf life?

  5. Wonderful idea for Christmas presents. My grandkids will love it!

  6. Corinne Anthony says

    I can see how you would just throw some of this “jelly” into the bathtub. How do you use this in the shower?

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