Template Idea: Shoe Card

Template Idea: Shoe Card

This is a template for making a shoe card. So easy!

What you need

Paper or Card
Paints or pencils


Use the image above as a guideline for a template.

Have the children cut out the shape during the activity or precut the shapes yourself out of cardboard or colored paper.

Have the children decorate the shoe with painted flowers or little pictures.

You could glue on shoe strings or even add frilly lace off cuts to decorate the shoe with.


  1. Its ok.

  2. how do you come up with these? they are awesome!

  3. SKEDDY1O1 says

    its ok, but it would have been better if it had 2 sides so it opened. nice project for little kids though, if you add lace it could tech’em how to tie shoes if it was hard paper.

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