Use Sharpie To Make Chevron Shoes

Use Sharpie To Make Chevron Shoes

This fun project shows you how to use Sharpies to design your own canvas Chevron shoes.

What you need

1 pair of white Canvas Shoes,
Permanent Markers in Assorted Colors,
Scotchguard or other Water Repellent Spray


You want to remove the shoelaces and any price tags from your canvas shoes. You will be re-lacing them after the shoes have completely dried.

Basic Canvas Shoes

Starting with your first color, draw a chevron/zig zag across the front of your shoe. You could do other patterns as well, like polka dots or stripes.

Draw a Chevron On Shoe

Continue adding lines of chevrons in different colors on the front section of your shoe. Once you have the front done, start on one of the sides by drawing a chevron and then adding more in different colors until you completely cover the side.

Chevrons All Over

Repeat with the other side of your shoe and the back.

Chevron Pattern At Back

Repeat with your other shoe. You can use the colors in the exact same order, or mix them up and have mismatched shoes.

In a well ventilated area (I recommend outside) spray your shoes with the Water Repellent Spray. You don’t want to apply too heavy a coat of it or the colors will bleed, but follow the instructions on the back of the spray bottle for best results.


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