DIY Napkin Holder In Shape Of Santa

DIY Napkin Holder In Shape Of Santa

This Christmas Craft shows you how to make a Santa Serviette holder perfect for table settings, parties and decorations.

What you need



You will need the following felt

Red- 11 3/4 x 4″  (30x10cm)

White – 4 1/4 x 4″ 1/4 (11x11cm)

Black – 2×4″ (5x10cm)

Flesh – 3×4″ (7 1/2x 10cm)

Use this pattern: Santa Napkin Holder Pattern

(pattern should be printed end to end on an A4 sized paper may require re-sizing)

Cut out all the pieces then glue in the following order.

Body – Lay flat

Head – Bring the face slightly down over the coat.

Hat – Halfway over the face

Arms – Only glue the edges down so you can slip the serviette into position.

Hand – only one is needed.

White trim – on cuffs/bottom of coat/hat

Boots – A small amount of glue on top (make sure they are on the back)

Mouth – under the beard slightly

Beard – Make sure his beard comes up as far as the hat trim.

Nose – you could use a circle or a smal pom pom

Eyes – Highlight with glitter paint if preferred.

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