Sensory Facials Activity

Sensory Facials Activity

A group activity idea that promotes sensory awareness and relaxation. A great Sensory activity for older children, adults and teens.

What you need

Facial clay
Towels or disposable towels
Bowl of Water
Relaxation music

Essential oils 



This sensory activity is aimed ar older children teens, adults and the elderly. We have all seen sensory activities for toddlers and now it is time for the grownups to get back to basics with sensory relaaxation.

This activity is perfect for calming an anxious teen who needs to de-stress.

Set the mood with calming music, a glass of cold water, warm hot chocolate or other drink that your participants enjoy.

Spend time with each participant helping him/her choose her favorite smelling facial supply. Go through the scents smell each one and discuss, what does it smell like? what does it remind you of?

Use a mirror so they can watch what is going on. If the participant doesn’t like having her face touched, maybe she can help give a facial instead or apply it to the hands.

Objective: Relaxation and Stress management. Sensory Awareness

What do you think of this project? Let us know!