Seed Bead Mandalla

Seed Bead Mandalla

Easy to follow steps to make a bead project using seed beads. Looks fabulous when finished! Now updated with beautiful images!

What you need

Beading needle
Thread/powerpro fishing line (can use normal thread)
Seedbeads 2 different colors
(or what ever you want)


Step One: Add one blue three black one blue three black one blue three black one blue three black until you have 16 beads on your thread, go through beads again to form a circle and tie in a knot. Go through one blue bead to start next round.

Step Two: Thread on three black one blue three black and go from each corner blue bead repeating this same amount.

Step Three: Go through the three black beads and one blue you have just added, then thread on three black three blue go back through the first blue bead you have just added and thread on three more black beads finish by going through last rounds blue bead; repeat till row is finished.

Step Four: Out of the same blue corner bead from previous round, add seven black beads one blue and seven black beads, go through the blues in corner just like last row; repeat till row is finished.

Seed Bead Mendella Step 1

Step Five: Take thread and needle and go through the seven black beads you have just added only stop in between third and fourth bead of the seven; now add three blue bead three black beads and go through first black bead you have just added then add three blue beads. Repeat this same instructions to finish this row.

Step Six: Thread needle through the seven black beads one blue then stop and add three black beads three blue beads take needle and thread and go through the two black beads of center of last row then add three blue beads and three black beads go through blue bead of the next loop. Repeat this until row is finished tie off thread.

Seed Bead Mendella Step 2



  1. Sounds easy and is lovely. I hope i can do it, ive never done any beading except straight single thread bracelets.

  2. It is called a “mandala”.

  3. finally get to see some indian work

  4. Funky and stunning, made it for a friend, now everybody wants one. beautiful!!!

  5. Excellent directions and the “drawings” of the steps were so helpful. Many of us learn something more by seeing rather than hearing or reading the words. Thank you Murida

  6. you can find fishing line at the bait shop (: igot mine from a fellow fisherman

  7. thank you for posting this!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. cool, but, i know this sounds stupid, but where do i get fishing line? ? ? ? ? ?

  10. CUTE! And looks easy to make

  11. Wolflover008 says


  12. Great pics! The colorful beads really bring out the project

  13. i thought it was extremely pretty and well explained

  14. very adorible

  15. Very pretty. Clear instructions.

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