Coffee Bean Candle

Coffee Bean Candle

Add some coffee scent for a heavenly aroma from this great gift idea for a coffee lover! This Candle project is easy to make. The DIY candle making instructions below are great for beginners.

What you need

Coffee Beans
Candle Making Supplies
Wax Mold Wick


This project uses the Basic Candle Making Instructions.

Using Coffee beans pour them into the bottom of your mold adding the wax slowly as you go.

This will give you a wonderful coffee bean finish once the candle is set.

We only recommend adding the coffee beans to the bottom of the candle as they may smoke if they come into contact with the flame. Make sure you do not burn the candle down below the beans.

Add some coffee scent for a heavenly aroma.


  1. The coffee beans look great, BUT they were a bit too heavy and ended up at the bottom and not distributed thru the candle, SO, I went one better. I did the grinding of the coffee beans, mixed it in that way, and it looks and smells wonderful. As for the shell of the candle, no need, just use a glass holder and it will work just fine

  2. @ one of the Guests…

    As the instructions state, it uses the “Basic Candle Making Instructions” which show responsibility. I am guessing you skimmed past that part.

    However on another basis, yes, using a higher MP wax for a shell would be better.

  3. i think it would smell very good cause i love the smell of coffee

  4. i have a friend who used this candle and its wonderful

  5. Definitely will try. Responsibility is key to everything, not rudeness.

  6. this is a great idea i can do with my 10 yr old son. to make as an end of the yr gift for the teacher

  7. im going to try this tomorrow

  8. Making candles the right way can be dangerous and should be treated with respect. These instructions are flippant and irresponsibly worded. Beans should be near the outside of the shell only, in a higher melt-point wax than is used at the core.

  9. oh my gosh i love this craft!

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