Seed Bead Dangle Fringe

Seed Bead Dangle Fringe

A perfectly easy fringe and bead technique. Learn to make the dangle fringe in these easy steps.

What you need

2 Different color seed beads


STEP ONE: First decide on if you want a clustered look or a non-clustered look. If your not sure check pictures of fringe down below I give two examples. Now you have to decide how long and how many beads in between branches. After you have decided that its time to get to work. Thread on from the base of your work three beads, this starts your fringe or dangle.

STEP TWO: Now your going to do your first branch, adding three beads of alternate color and one of base color go through last bead of branch and up through the three alternate colored beads and pull tight so that branch rest just below the three base colored beads in step one.

STEP THREE: Now after first branch is complete add three more beads of your base color.

STEP FOUR: You are now adding second branch and this is done the same as in step two. Continue on repeating steps until you have desired length for dangle or fringe. Now to finish off the fringe or dangle after you have added last branch add four more beads of your base color go through last bead and up all the base bead colors till you reach the base of your work, and for cluster go back down through next bead in base and repeat steps for next fringe/dangle; for non-cluster skip a bead and go down third bead in base for next fringe/dangle.


  1. very nice, thanks for your time & effort in making this available

  2. There is no “D” in the word “fringe.” The name of the project looks very odd with a misspelled word.

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