Scented Wax Dipped Teddy Bear

Scented Wax Dipped Teddy Bear

These wax dipped bears are all the rage at the moment and are quite easy to make. They give off a lovely subtle fragrance to your room and make wonderful gifts.

In this project we show you how to make the wax dipped teddy bears and waxed dipped glitter bears.

What you need

Plush Toy Bear
Candle wax
Fragrance oil
Heat resistant rubber gloves
Wax paper


Obviously the smaller the project the easier it will be so starting off with a small plush teddy bear or other animal might be a good way to get started.

Begin by melting your wax. For a 20-30 cm bear you would need around 1lb of wax and 15ml of fragrant oil.


Melt the wax in a double boiler method as if making a candle, take the wax off the heat and allow it to cool slightly before adding the scent and glitter.

Using some metal tongs and some heat resistant rubber gloves carefully dip the bear into the wax and roll it around until it is well covered. Squeeze off any excess wax and then pull it out of the wax. Working quickly use a fork to tuff at the bear hairs to separate the hair and to restore its fluffy appearance. Place it down onto a sheet of wax paper and allow to dry completely. Make sure you place it into the position you want your bear to stay.

Finish off your bear by using a hair dryer to give it a fresh melted soft look that will melt any lumps or clumps.

Tips: For extra scent pour concentrated fragrant oil into the inside of the bear before dipping.

Place a small coaster or tray under your bear when using him to prevent him from leaving a wax residue on your furniture.

Refresh your bear by adding extra drops of oil to him every few weeks.

Try using colored wax on matching colored bears for a dramatic look.


  1. I have a question about the fragrance oil there are so many different oils out there does it matter what you use as long as it’s oil.

  2. my best friend made me a scented bear as a gift and I loved it , still have both my friend of over 25 years and the bear. I think it means more whena person takes the time to make something rather then just going to the store and buying something.

  3. The bear sits in the room ans acts like an solid air freshener

  4. I saw and bought a few of these (monkeys and pelicans) while on holiday; gave them as gifts, greatly appreciated. Now with your instructions I will be making some of my own, there is now a great demand , I had never seen them before. Soft toys available readily on the internet.

  5. cathie@glasgow says

    Great idea is it ordinary wax or a speciality wax that you use?

  6. Is there anyway you can get the wax off? I bought one at a fair and I heard someone speaking about melting it with a hairdryer, and then someone about freezing it then hitting it with a hammer(!) to get the wax off.


  8. Do they come out looking like a regular bear or do they look more like they’ve been matted with wax? I can’t tell from the photo. It sounds like an intriguing idea but I don’t know if I want to make something that would just sit on a shelf.

  9. Loved the tip on scenting the bear before dipping. Thanks!

  10. A very odd craft idea, not sure if i’d like it, as I like my soft toys to remain soft.

  11. that is awsome! i would have never thought

  12. i know someone who does this and thought it was really nice but where do you by the teddies is it a special kind for wax dipping?? thankxx

  13. I think its a very good idea, because im 12 and i’ve had a go at it but i think this stuff is sort of to hard for me xx x

  14. I made this cute bear idea and I love it. I’m an army wife, me and some of the other wives made these for a fundraiser for our children’s school.

  15. I can’t wait to make one of my own.

  16. idiots, you don’t burn it! you use like potpourri

  17. question: is the bear used as the wick? how does it burn?

  18. Where do you place the wick and how? Do you actually burn this candle? I am desiring to complete this craft with a group of young girls, so I need to work out the kinks! Thanks!

  19. would be cute but i like fluffy teddy bears

  20. every one loved their bear.At christmas that was there favourate gift.thankyou.

  21. I was wondering if scented oil used for buring could be used. It’s the only kind I can find in the smell I want.

  22. Excellent tutorial – it’s not bear cruelty as teddy bears aren’t real – doh! And once dipped they have a purpose in life.
    Keep dipping everyone!!!

  23. I am realy excited to try your dipped bear candle. Thank u for sharing it with everyone.

  24. it is asome .how is it bear curelity ,it is not even a real bear.bear lover

  25. why would you want to ruin a perfectly good teddy bear by soaking it in wax?? it will no longer be good for hugging

  26. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    i love this project, and HOW IS THIS BEAR CRUELTY???i mean i am all for saving the bears and stuff but y do u think this is bear cruelty? ur not actually putting the wax on a REAL bear, and this isnt for bear haters so….?

  27. I agree…this is bear cruelty.

  28. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    By Settling to the bottom you mean running down the bear? Let your wax cool a little it sounds like it might be too hot allowing it to run off before setting.

  29. wondering how to keep the wax from settling to the bottom making it chunky and yucky. I squeezed and squeezed, but it didn’t help much.

  30. This was a little messy but well worth the effort the color of my bear came thru in a pastel shade using a white wax.. just lovely

  31. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    COlor your wax using candle dyes, and use any store bought soft toys

  32. where can you go to get wax the colour of the bear????

  33. wondering where i can get the bears or any animals from that are good for this project am having a hard time finding them i live in southern ontario canada

  34. My brother and his wife are making these and selling them! They are doing all sorts of animals. Are having a hard time keeping up with demand!

  35. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    You are using a wax that is cool enough that it is not flammable.

  36. These are the latest Craze in my town .. FANTASTIC

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