Roses And Thorns Necklace

Roses And Thorns Necklace

Roses and thorns go together - even in this DIY necklace.

What you need

6 Royal Garden rose photobeads
42 thin red coral chips (for the thorns)
35 red seed beads with 1mm holes
2 fold over end caps
1m (40″) silver colored beading wire 0,45mm thick
2 5mm split rings
1 silver plated hook clasp or lobster claw clasp

Flat nose pliers
Wire cutters


1: Cut the beading wire in two half’s.

2: Insert ends of two wire pieces in a fold over end cap and fold down flaps using pliers. Make sure the ends are securely fixed.

3: String on the beads in the following order: 1 coral chip on one wire, 1 seed bead on both wires, 1 coral chip on the other wire. Repeat this until you have used 6 coral chips and 5 seed beads.

4: String one rose photobead on both wires.

5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 five more times.

6: After you have used the last rose photobead, repeat step 3 one more time.

7: Attach the second fold over end cap and trim excess wire.

8: Attach one split ring to each end cap.

9: Finish off your necklace by attaching the clasp.


This project was submitted by Photobeads.


  1. It looks really weird in the picture but nice once made.

  2. just weird

  3. luv it! and where do you get those exact materials

  4. very pretty!

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