Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls

Here is an easy way to make juggling balls at home using balloons and birdseed!

What you need



Use a funnel and fill a whole balloon with the bird seed. This is a slow process but well worth it.

Cut the neck off the filled balloon. Cut the neck off a second balloon and place it over the filled balloon covering the open hole. Now you should have a completely covered ball with no bird seed popping out.

If you want them to be super strong add another solid balloon with the neck removed.

Take a balloon and cut some holes in it with the tips of your scissors. Remove the neck of the balloon then open it up and place it over the ball.
The colored balloon underneath should be showing through the holes and giving it a nice colorful pattern.

Repeat this with several layers of balloons and holes adding to the effect and also the the strength.
Try to arrange it so the original birdseed hole is always covered by a firm piece of balloon and not a balloon hole.

For a Yo Yo stress ball add a piece of elastic by tying it around one of the holes. Then it can be bounced like a yo yo.


  1. Lindabelle's Corner says

    Sounds like a good project. For seed etc. to go thru funnel easier, use a plastic one and cut the tip off shorter
    for a wider hole. Works for me.

  2. I’ve made these before with our afterschool groups. (ages K-5th) Try using different fillings for different “feels” when you squish them!
    I’ve used sand at times and flour other times. Both are easier to get through a funnel than the birdseed.
    All three though are great stress relievers. I keep one in the car for those long traffic jams! The feel is addicting…hard to put down. : }

  3. cute! you could make one for each of ur friends as a stress ball!

  4. Wao.. Its Really Good..

  5. yes rice works aswell. bird seeds r best.tip. if u r using bird seeds 4 eg.and u run out dont make the other 1s our of rice e.t.c cause then there all gonna way dif. and it will make it very very be hard to juggle. trust me ive been juggling all my life!!

  6. so cool… can’t you use rice? does anyone know?

  7. Terrific idea!

  8. we did this in girl scouts it was a lot of fun

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