Rose Posy Ring Holder

Rose Posy Ring Holder

This rose posy is made in a free form design so you don't need to follow a pattern just your creativity.

What you need

approx 3.5 ounce (100 gms) of Green Polymer clay
approx 1.5 ounce (40 gms) of Red Polymer Clay


You can use this rose posy as a ring holder for Valentine’s day or as a earring holder for birthday’s, Christmas or any other special occasion.

To start knead your green clay and shape it into a cone like shape as shown. The cone is what will form the pocket for the ring or small gift.

Mold some leaves into the top of the cone and don’t forget the stem at the bottom.

Take the red clay and form a rose as shown, you can do this by creating small individual petals and pressing them around a small ball of clay to form the rose.

Use the images as a guideline.


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