Romantic Book thong

Romantic Book thong

A beautiful romantic book bead project

What you need

35cm (14″) of pink 10mm organza ribbon
4 pink Flower Life buttons with bachelor buttons, primroses, hyacinth and fringed gromwells
1 pink 15mm “beaded” bead
1 pink heart shaped glass charm containing a rice grain with the word “kiss”
2 silver plated foldover end caps
4 silver plated 10mm jump rings
2 silver plated 6mm jump rings
1 silver plated eye pin

TOOLS: flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters


1. Insert one end of the ribbon in a foldover end cap and fold down the flaps.

2. Use one 10mm jump ring to attach a button to the foldover end cap on one end of the ribbon. Using a 10mm jump ring attach the second button to the first jump ring. Attach the third button to the second jump ring and the fourth button to the third jump ring in the same manner.

3. Insert the other end of the ribbon in a foldover end cap and fold down the flaps.

4. Use 6mm jump ring to connect the eye pin to the end of the foldover cap. String the pink ?beaded? bead and make a loop. Use another 6mm jump ring to attach the glass heart charm.


  1. saleisha says

    i guess its okay…

  2. looks cute but you could give it a better name

  3. 🙁

  4. This is very pretty. Interesting name!

  5. Don’t think i’ll have much like finding the love rice bead. This is cute but I would call it a book mark!

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