Scratchie Lottery Ticket Gift Tree

Scratchie Lottery Ticket Gift Tree

We made this Scratch-Its lottery tickets tree for a fundraiser but it would make a wonderful gift for Christmas or other special occasions.

What you need

20-10 Scratch-It lottery tickets
Small 50cm Christmas Tree
Paper Pegs or Clips



This tutorial is over 20 years old, the image is outdated as it was taken back before digital cameras. So please excuse the image. if you have a picture of a tree you have made please share it with us.

The Christmas small tree was bought from a discount store it is around 3-4ft.  But you can work with whatever tree you have available.  If you can not find a small tree create one using a plastic plant or a cardboard cone.


Peg the Scratch-It lottery tickets around the tree, we used $1 tickets and this tree had 20 pegged to it. Be careful when adding your scratch tickets that they do not tear, and do not use glue.  Mini pegs work best or even a straight pin.

Finish the project by wrapping it up in cellophane with a ribbon on the top of your Scratch ticket tree.

If you are looking for make a full-size Scratch-It lottery tickets tree, maybe for a charity event or auction, then I would anticipate that you would need around 100-150 tickets. But you could easily run the auction to raise more money than that or have a raffle ticket draw.

Scratch ticket trees are great gifts for those who have everything, for a special relative you can increase the value by getting a larger tree, or adding larger dollar-value lottery tickets.

Another fun idea is to create a family gift, so spend $200 on 200 Scratch-It lottery tickets, add them to the tree and instead of family gifts (especially for the adults), everyone agrees to share the winnings equally among the adults and take turns at scratching them.   A great alternative to secret Santa, everyone puts in $20.




  1. i think scratchies are great ideas for kids, they enoy it so much and especially if they win a couple of dollars!!!!

  2. Perfect idea for secert santa exchanges at work!

  3. Love it!

  4. WACK! I like it!

  5. I love it!!!!!!!!! It’s such a cute idea!!!!!!

  6. good fete idea

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