Scratchie Ticket Gift Tree

Scratchie Ticket Gift Tree

We made this Scratch-Its tree for a fundraiser but it would make a wonderful gift for Christmas or other special occasions.

What you need

20-10 Scratch-It tickets
Small 50cm Christmas Tree
Paper Pegs or Clips


The small tree was bought from a discount store. If you can not find a small tree create one using a plastic plant or a cardboard cone.

Peg the Scratch-Its around the tree.

Finish the project off by wrapping it up in cellophane.


  1. i think scratchies are great ideas for kids, they enoy it so much and especially if they win a couple of dollars!!!!

  2. Perfect idea for secert santa exchanges at work!

  3. Love it!

  4. WACK! I like it!

  5. I love it!!!!!!!!! It’s such a cute idea!!!!!!

  6. good fete idea

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