Reversible Wrap Skirt

Reversible Wrap Skirt

I created this for my daughter and the finished skirt has come out wonderful. A step by step project with lots of pictures!

What you need

– 1 yard each of 2 different coordinating fabrics, + 1/2 yard fabric for the ties.
– 3/4″ wide elastic, length = waist measurement + 1/3 waist measurement in inches.
– Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors, Measuring Tape


  • Measure your waist and length of your side from your waist to your knee.  Write the measurements down.
  • Make the pattern for your skirt, using your measurements.  You will end up with a quarter of an oval as the pattern.  The top straight edge of the pattern should be equal to your waist measurement and the side straight edge should be equal to your side measurement + 2″.  You will cut the curve how you’d like.  Here is a diagram to help you:

Reversible Skirt - Diagram

  • Cut the Pattern out of both pieces of fabric, making sure to put the side of the pattern on the fold.  You will end up with 2 half ovals in coordinating fabrics.
  • Cut the elastic to your waist measurement + 1/3 of your waist measurement (rounded up to the nearest inch).  (i.e. my daughter’s waist is 23″ and I cut the elastic at 31″)
  • Cut out the ties.  Each tie should measure 3″ in width by Waist measurement times 2.  (i.e. – My daughter’s waist measured 23″, so each tie is 46″ long by 3″ wide
  • Fold the ties in half lengthwise and sew along the length.  Sew one end.  Turn the ties right-side-out.
  • Place the 2 skirt pieces right-sides-together and sew the top edge.
  • Open up the skirt and iron the seam (this will make it easier to make the casing later).
  • Fold skirt back over so that right sides are together.  On one side of the top seam, pin one tie to the right side of the skirt and pin one end of the elastic to the wrong side as shown in the photo: (the skirt is sandwiched between the tie and the elastic)

Reversible Skirt

  • Do the same on the other side of the skirt, pinning the other tie and the other end of the elastic.  Fold the skirt over so that right sides are together.

Reversible Skirt

  • Sew the bottom seam (around the curve).  Leave about a 4″ hole on the bottom to turn the skirt.  The elastic and ties will be sewn in, and be inside the 2 layers of the skirt before turning.
  • Turn the skirt right side out using the 4″ hole.
  • Iron the bottom seam flat.
  • Sew the casing for the elastic.  You will have to feel where the elastic is and push it to the top of the skirt (where the seam is).  Make a seam across the top – without getting the elastic caught in the seam.
  • Top stitch the bottom seam (along the curve).
  • You now have a reversible wrap skirt!  It should look like this:

Reversible Skirt

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  1. cannot see how the ties work when the skirt is wrap-over and the ties are at both ends?

  2. Very pretty and easy. I have just sewn one but where does the inner tie come out?

  3. so cute!! thank you for sharing your talent.i love it!

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