Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Reindeer Christmas Ornament

This project is perfect for kids or can be easily replicated to give as a gift to friends and family.

What you need

1/8″ red ribbon
1 red craft fuzzy ball
2 craft google eyes
3 wooden, hearts
brown acrylic paint
paint brush/sponge
hot glue gun


Start by painting all three of the wooden hearts with the brown paint on the front and back. Let dry approximately 30 minutes.

Glue the hearts together according to the picture given.

The top two hearts should be upright and the bottom heart (the face) should be upside down.

Next, tie a small bow out of the red ribbon. Place on top of the upside down heart.

Glue on the eyes and nose (fuzzy ball) according to the picture given.

Finally, create a loop with the red ribbon and glue to the back of the ornament.

Write your name and year on the back of the ornament as a personal touch.


  1. awesome!

  2. This is adorable !!!My sisters 2 sons were born on Christmas day ( TWINS) and Im going ot make this and write there names on the front where the antlers are for her !!! So Cute THANKS !!!

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