Recycled Pullover Teddy Bear

Recycled Pullover Teddy Bear

This sewing pattern shows you how to make a teddy bear using a recycled sweat shirt or pullover. You can use sentimental items that the kids have out grown to create lasting keepsakes.

What you need

Old Jumper/pullover/ sweat shirt
4 Large Buttons for joints
2 teddy bear eyes or embroidery thread
needle and thread of sewing machine
toy filling/wadding
Size 14 inch when complete


Start by printing out the patterns onto A4 sized paper.

Small Recycled Teddy Bear Pattern 1

Small Recycled Teddy Bear Pattern 2

Prepare your sweater by cutting the seams to create a single layer of fabric.

Cut out each pattern piece and lay it down onto your sweater. Cut out each piece.

Sew the body first. Sew the bottom darts on both sides then sew the two pieces together. Leave an opening at the top for filling the body.


Sew two pieces together and leave an opening at the top above the fold , for filling, sew the foot pad into place.


Sew the two pieces together, leave an opening at the top back edge for filling.


Sew the two pieces together and leave an opening at the bottom, turn them and sew the bottom by hand.


Sew Gusset to one side of the head, the rounded end goes to the nose. It may be easier if you pin this in place so you get both sides the same.

Before you fill the head, clip 2 teddy bear safety eyes into place. They should be positioned at the beginning of the snout.

Fill and place ears into position, attach to the head with a blanket stitch, making sure they are secure.

Fill all remaining parts, sew up openings and attach to the body each part with strong cotton and a button for a joint effect.

All done!


  1. Holly Rood says

    Do the pattern pieces include a seam allowance?

  2. Hazel Pearson says

    how on earth do you print it without all the ads etc. Tried highlighting the bits Instructions but it wont print. tried the free download for pdf ( my security says no). Managed to change margins and print the patterns but could you please make it simple im not a dummy but have spent far too long for what should be a simple action. Thank you for the pattern but you do need to simplify.

  3. Sally Ann says

    Could you please explain how to make joints by attaching buttons? I’d like to make this adorable bear, but have no idea how to make those joints. Thanks!

  4. I love this idea, even though i didn’t try it yet. The bear is very cute too! i would like to make the recycled sweater teddy bear as well but, the pattern seemed to have cut off when i printed it. I hope you can help me!

  5. you did a good job of coming up with this bear.

  6. OK, just finished my bear, TOO CUTE. It looks more difficult than it really is, hardest part was figuring out the head. I made mine for my little ones first birthday!

  7. muddy.bootz says

    I increased the size of each pattern in print preview to 110%, which filled the A4 paper much better. Instructions could be much better though, especially for beginners.

  8. Could you please explain how to attach the arms and legs with the buttons a little more? I understand this will make it more like a joint with the motion but I am wondering how you did it…

  9. I loved this, yes it sounds a little daunting but take each step by step and hey presstoe you have a gorgeous bear, made mine from pretty rose material created a very shabby chic bear perfect for setting off a feature shelf or dressing table. go on try it.

  10. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    The image should fit from edge to edge on an A4 sized paper.

  11. i love it i made one for my little sis she loved it

  12. Looks easy enough, but it would be nice to know how much we should expand the given pattern by. Any idea?

  13. Jen So cute I want to do it but it so hard to do

  14. so cute! but way too hard for me.

  15. looks hard… but so cute

  16. love it!

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