Denim Jeans Pillow Form Cover

Denim Jeans Pillow Form Cover

This sewing project shows you how to make a cover for a pouffe using denim jeans.

What you need

4 pairs Denim Jeans
Downlite pillow form
Sewing machine


Start by getting 4 pairs of large jeans (this gives you more fabric). We picked ours up for $1 a pair at a thrift store.

Measure the panels on the sides and top of your pouffe. 14″ or 36 cm square.

Original Pouffe

Cut down the legs of the jeans and open them out and press flat. Each leg will become 1 side of the pouffe.

You will be left with the seat part of your jeans which can be used for a different project.

Cut the pockets off some of the jeans to add to the sides of your pouffe for pockets, sewing them onto contrasting jeans looks effective as shown in our pictures.

The pockets can be used for game controls or a t.v remote.

Cut your panels out from the legs pieces with an allowance of 1/2 inch for sewing.

Place the 4 side panels together and sew into place. Wrap it around your pouffe inside out and add the top piece, secure to the side panels with pins, remove and sew.

Add the bottom piece as a flap by only sewing to one side, this allows you to open and close the bottom.

Because our pouffe is so large we added a large opening at the bottom so it could be easily removed for cleaning.

You can add a zip or as we did used Velcro pieces to secure the flaps closed when in use.

Jeans Pillow Cover With Velcro

If you did not want to remove the cover you could simply hand sew the bottom closed.

If you have access to a eyelet punch you can use this on (3) sides and machine sew the last side of your work.


  1. this is such an awesome craft project!!!

  2. Great idea. I may have to try this.

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