Recycled Denim Jeans Memo Board

Recycled Denim Jeans Memo Board

This recycled craft project shows you how to convert an old pair of jeans into a funky and creative memo board.

What you need

Corrugated cardboard (large piece)
Old jeans (preferably with nice pockets with zippers)
Straight edge
Hot glue
Embellishments (rhinestones, gems, post it tacks, anything that you want to tack on memo board


Get a heavy duty piece of corrugated cardboard (about 3 x 4 ft).

Cut a slit from the middle of the bottom of the corrugated cardboard to the midpoint of the cardboard to make the legs. Decide if you want the back sides or front sides of jeans to show for the memo board, as long as they have few pockets and zippers. You won’t be covering the back of the memo board.

Cut your jeans the way you want on the memo board. Discard the other side of the jeans. Tuck all the sides of the jeans around the board with hot glue on the other side.

Embellish your memo board with whatever you want; gems, rhinestones, glitter, post it tacs. I added recipes, small calendar and notes.

All done!



  1. Great idea, will try it with the teen grandchildren in the holidays, they will love it.

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