Recycled Bottle Cap Pocket Mirror

Recycled Bottle Cap Pocket Mirror

This recycled craft project shows you how to up-cycle bottle caps into little pocket sized mirrors. Perfect for your purse or clutch bag.

What you need

Recycled Bottle caps saved from your favorite brand of soda pop
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
1-inch round glass craft mirrors


These round craft mirrors can be found in most craft departments, or purchased through an online craft supply seller.

To begin, carefully twist off the bottle cap. Try to avoid bending any of the crimped edges inward, which can prevent the mirror from fitting into the cap.

Next, simply squeeze a bead of hot glue onto the center of the underside of the bottle cap.

Then firmly press the 1” round glass craft mirror into place and hold for a few seconds.

Finally, give the mirror a quick shine to remove any fingerprints left on the glass.

Since the glass soda bottles are usually sold in six packs, this makes a great craft project to do with your friends if you’re looking for a project with instant take-away value.

These mirrors are so handy you’ll want to have one with you always, and so tiny that you always can.



  1. yay! i have all the stuff 4 this!

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  3. This take the bottle cap necklace to a whole new level! πŸ™‚

  4. creative πŸ™‚ i really want one.

  5. Soo cute :D!!!!

  6. cute idea :]
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  7. awsomeeee for girlies <33

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