Recycle Nail Polish Bottle Pen

Recycle Nail Polish Bottle Pen

Recycle your nail polish bottles into pens or pencils! How fun would it be to write with a nail polish bottle? These are really easy to make and you will have a unique way to write!

What you need

Nail Polish Bottle
Acrylic Paint
Pen &/or Pencil
Hot Glue


Follow these simple steps or watch the video tutorial to learn how to make a unique pen or pencil!

Step 1: Clean out nail polish bottle with nail polish remover and wash with warm soap water

Step 2: Swirl acrylic paint inside the bottle and let dry for 24 hours

Step 3: Cut a pen or pencil down to size to

Step 4: Hot Glue pen or pencil in place

Click to Watch this video tutorial for all the details

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