Farmhouse Decorative Glass Plate

Farmhouse Decorative Glass Plate

This craft tutorial shows you how to turn a glass plate into a decorative Farmhouse decoration using a plate from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need

Chalk Paint
Glass plate
Mod Podge
Cow Print out
Foam brush


For this tutorial you will need a glass plate, this one is from the Dollar Tree but you can pick up any glass plate. You could also do this with plastic if you have small children.

To begin with you will need a suitable printout. This craft was contributed by Tonya P. She grabbed this image by searching on google for watercolour cow.  I also loved these designs on Etsy too. 

To begin with clean your glass plate and dry well.  Apply a coat of mod Podge to the back of the plate. We will only be working on the back of the plate for this project, that allows to the front of the plate to be high gloss and protected.

Coat the back of the plate using a soft foam brush. Foam brushes are great for gloss projects as they don’t leave bristle marks.

Carefully cut out your cow image and place it onto the wet mod podge layer, when placing it down press in the middle only, then work your way out to the edges, this prevents air getting trapped under the design.  Then gently press from the middle out to the edges until it is firmly down. If you do get a an air bubble the best trick is to use a fine needle and pop the bubble. then press it down again. It won’t be perfect but the alternative to a bubble fix is to remove the complete image and start again.

Once this layer is in place allow it to dry. Then apply another coat of mod podge.

Once your image has to layers of mod podge you can add your background color, this project a white chalk paint was used. You could use any color you like.  White works well against the white paper as any edges I missed cutting out are blended in.

Once the paint has dried seal again with mod podge and allow to dry.

You can eat off these plates, but don’t submerge them in water to clean them, just wipe down.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!