DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket

DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket

Sew a cute and cozy little mermaid tail for the little one who loves the sea! This mermaid tail pattern is free and easy to make!

What you need

1 yard of fleece (for a small child, ages 2-4. For older children, use 2 or 3 yards).
1/2 yard of fleece in a coordinating color
Felt scraps for embellishments
Embroidery thread


Download the mermaid fin pattern.

  1. Fold the yard of fleece in half, on the long side of the fabric. Cut a diagonal line from one end to the other.You cut a diagonal line from one end to the other along your yard stick, and then open the fold back up so that you have 2 triangles.When cut, you should have two long triangles.


2. Using the pattern, cut two tail pieces from coordinating fleece.


2. Pin one tail piece in between the two large triangles.


4. Sew up the side of the tail with the pinned pieces.


5. Roll up the first tail piece inside, and then position the second tail piece like the first, so that you will sew through the edge of that piece when you sew up the length of the second side of the triangle, repeating the same process of the first side.



6. Flip the tail right side out.


7. Cut four 4 inch circles out of the coordinating fleece.



8. Cut the circles in half to make scallops.



9. To finish off the top, sew on the scallops around the top edge of the tail, four on each side, and then fold over the top edge toward the inside to make the hem. Sew along the hem for a finished edge.


10. For embellishments, take felt in coordinating colors and cut starfish, swirls, turtles, or seahorses. Sew on with embroidery thread for a quick and easy applique.





All set for the little ones to sleep in!



  1. Margie Hood says

    This is so easy and sweet 1st attempt at a mermaid tail..i have done millions of pillow cases ,curtains and tablecloths, so this will be a little more challenging believe it or not even though a child could do it with your wish me luck

  2. Molly Musante says

    Don’t you have to cut 4 fins so that you can sew 2 together and turn them inside out so you don’t have raw edges.

  3. I LOVE this! Can I ask you what the width of the fleece you used was?

  4. I’m still confused on how to fold the fabric to get 2 triangles, without having to sew a seam.

    • You actually need to fold it over twice so the fabric is folded in quarter as opposed to in half.Then cut the diagonal line. Hope this helps.

  5. So cute! I’m just confused on how you are cutting the tail,so the it is still connected after you cut it.

  6. My 6 & 7 year old American Sewing Guild group made these SO cute! See the picture at this link Note: for those confused about step one; the fabric is folded twice lengthwise once on original fold and then once again; then cut using a yardstick as a guide. Even for tall girls you only need about 1.5 yards for tail and 3/8 for fin and scales.

    • Kim Dotlich says

      Why am I having such trouble with step 1? I folded a piece of paper and cut it and ended up with three triangles. What am I doing wrong?

      • One way I cut it, I get 3 pieces (1 full, 2 half) then the other way I cut it, I get the 2 matching pieces. So this is how I get 2 matching pieces:

        Fold the fabric while on your cutting board so you have a folded edge on one side and the raw edges of the “2” pieces on the other. Take the side with the raw edges and again fold it over long ways so the raw edges are now laying flush and on top of your original fold. Here is the tricky part:

        With the “raw” edged 1/4 fold on top, If you cut it from the folded side at the top, down to the raw side being at the bottom of your tail, you will get 3 pieces. If you start up at the top of the tail, from the raw edged side, and cut down to the folded side (bottom of tail), you will get 2.

  7. Love the idea. But where is the pattern for the tail part. Am I missing it?

  8. Nadine B. Turner says

    Do we use the entire section of fleece for the main part, or do we cut along the fold to make a total of 4 triangles? Do we sew the two half pieces of fleece together to make the back side of the tail? Instruction #1 is a bit imprecise, please clarify.

  9. I think this project is adorable however I do have a question: step 2 mentions using the pattern for the fins yet there is no pattern for the fins. Is there one?

  10. This is so cute. Going to pick up the fabric this very day.

  11. I think this is so cute. We are reading the books called Tales of Emily Winsnap all about Mermaids. So appropriate and timely.

  12. where is the pattern for the tail ends in the coordinating colour

  13. I just love this, but where is the pattern? Please help! I want to make this for my granddaughters so bad!

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