Purse: A4 Felt Clutch

Purse: A4 Felt Clutch

This craft pattern shows you how to make your own clutch purse using an A4 Piece of felt.

What you need

A4 8 1/2 x 12 inch (20x30cm)
8 x 5 inch (20×12.8 cm)of contrasting Felt color for gusset
1 Skein of contrasting Embroidery floss


Print the following pattern to fit a A4 standard piece of paper.

Felt Clutch Pattern

Take the A4 piece of felt and fold edge A to edge B.

Cut out the side gussets and pin ito place.  Blanket stitch into place as shown using embroidery threads. Alternatively you could sew this in a simple sewing stitch using strong thread.

Fold down edge C to form the top of your bag.  Sew a large button into place to use as a clasp. The button should be on the bottom of the bag and the cord loop fixed to the top of the bag. This creates the closure.

This project uses an inexpensive store bought Asian knot decoration as the cord.




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