Pumpkin Puzzle Wreath

Pumpkin Puzzle Wreath

Recycle an old puzzle and quickly create a crafty pumpkin wreath! Great idea for ThanksGiving!

What you need

Old puzzle pieces (100 pieces minimum)
Orange and green acrylic paint
Craft wire
Hot Glue
Ribbon for embellishment (optional)


1. Loosen up puzzle pieces and arrange a single layer of pieces in the outline of a pumpkin.

2. Using hot glue, layer on and attach additional pieces to the outline; you want the shape to be 2-3 pieces wide all the way around.

3. Paint the pumpkin orange, green for the stem.

4. Using green craft or floral wire, create embellishments by curling the wire around a pencil.

5. Bend a 20 inch piece of wire in half, and loop each end around the puzzle wreath (on each side of the pumpkin stem) to make a hanger. Add embellishments!

All done!

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