Puffy Plastic Pumpkins

Puffy Plastic Pumpkins

Turn your trash bags into puffy pumpkins - perfect for Halloween decorations.

What you need

8 Plastic grocery bags
1 paper towel tube

Orange paint
Green paint

Glue gun
Paint brush


Step 1.

Cut paper towel tube to about 5″.Take about 3 pieces of newspaper layers and fold them over until it’s about 2″ wide by the length of the paper.

Glue ends to secure the folded pieces of newspaper.

Make about 6 folded strips. Set aside.

Step 2.

Take the bags at the center of the bottom and pull through your fingers to make it slender then glue each bag,from the center bottom, handles up next to each other all the way around the tube about 3″ from the top. It should resemble a pompom.

Step 3.

Begin gluing the strips to the tube starting at about 3″ from the top, over the plastic bags, and wrap the strips around the tube. Glue as you go around. When you get to the end add another piece end to end.

Step 4.

Pull each bag down by the handles over the newspaper “rib” to the bottom of the tube and stuff up into the tube. (Note: It gets a bit harder to stuff the handles into the tube so I used the end of a pen to shove them in). Pinch and slightly fold in the tube at the top with your fingertips, it should resemble the stem of a pumpkin.

Paint the pumpkin part orange.

Stain the stem with green paint mixed with water to give it a realistic look.

All done!


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