Primitive quilted picture frame

Primitive quilted picture frame

An easy way to quilt a picture frame. All you need is a frame and some scraps.

What you need

a front loading frame (Walmart $2.00)
small scraps in coordinating colors
sewing machine
matching thread
tea or coffee for staining
spray adhesive


Begin by taking the frame apart. The glass pops out, and there should be a photo mat, a plastic piece that looks like a small frame in the center, and a smaller mat for padding.

The padding mat can be discarded, you won’t need it.

Cut a piece of batting to the size of the photo mat. Don’t use batting that is too thick…remember it has to fit back into the frame with the glass!

Now the fun part.

Take the scraps and lay them out on the batting to create a crazy quilt look. Make sure that your pieces are large enough to fold over the edges for a finished look.

Once you have something you like, sew the pieces with a zig-zag stitch to the batting.

When all pieces are sewn together, completely covering the batting, stain the piece with tea or coffee.

I like to put the piece in my toaster oven, on low, for a while to make it look even older. Just make sure to watch it closely or it will burn!

After it has dried it is ready to be mounted to the photo mat that came with your frame.

Use spray adhesive to attach it to the mat. Flip the mat over and glue the edges over for a clean look.

Now you are ready to put everything back together.

Add your favorite photo, put your beautiful quilted mat in place, and the small plastic piece back in the center (this really helps to hide those tricky corners) and snap the glass back in.

That’s it!



  1. great way to use up the smaller scrap pieces that you usually end up throwing out. great idea, will do this when i get more scrap pieces 😀

  2. Love the aging technique! Not to keen on the fabric that you used but that is just me! Cant wait to try this!

  3. Can’t wait 2 try this!!!!!!!!!!!

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