Pom Pom – Hungry Bunnies

Pom Pom – Hungry Bunnies

These hungry bunnies can be used for so many different projects for young and old.

What you need

Orange felt
Green felt
Grey felt
6 x 1/8 inch pom pom’s
3 x 1/2 inch pom pom’s
Toy filling or shredded paper


It can be used as present toppers, fillers for easter baskets, used for center pieces or even pop a magnet onto the back and stick it on your fridge or hang it in your car. Start by cutting out your carrot, this carrot is two sided so it can be stuffed. A basic triangle shape can be cut out and folded in half. The green sprouts can be made by folding a rectangle in half and snipping strands into it. For small children these can be made in advance ready for them to just glue into place. Take the bunnies and glue the nose and eyes into place as shown. Add triangle ears and glue the bunnies onto the carrot.


  1. cherryberryloves says

    omg this is gr8 i luv this project and so cute too i will make a dozen and sell them to my friends thx for putting it up here!

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