Christmas Tree Ornament: Beaded Gold Snowball

Christmas Tree Ornament: Beaded Gold Snowball

This Free Christmas craft project is a little messy but its so effective it's worth all the stickiness.

What you need

25-30grams of gold seed beads
25-30grams of gold bugle beads
Gold glitter
Fine cord for hanging
Gold bead
White craft glue
3.5 inch (8cm)


Start by taking your polystyrene ball and coating it in craft glue. As with all polystyrene do not be tempted to use a clear craft glue as it will corrode the polystyrene.

Sprinkle the glitter all over your ball this will act as a background to the beads.

Once the glitter is dry apply another coat of white craft glue, work half a ball at a time to avoid a mess.

Take your bugle beads and seed beads and place them onto a plate or try and roll the ball (glue side) into the beads.

You may need to push them on a little with your fingers but the result really is worth it.

Repeat the same process for the other side of the ball.

Once the ball is dry you can add a coat of varnish for extra protection.

Tie the cord into a loop and glue the knotted end into the gold bead. For this section you can use hot melt or craft glue.

Once its dry glue the bead onto the polystyrene ball using the white glue and allow it to set.

These can be made in a variety of colors and quality of beads.


  1. hard to find beads

  2. that looks surely confusing, but great

  3. verry nice if silver is used too

  4. Victorian_Rose says

    Its really pretty and I love BLING…!! (besides its so easy, you can make many of them)

  5. Awesome. it is so prettiful!!!!!

  6. I love this its a perfect decoration

  7. It’s a great ornament for the tree!

  8. Very good idea because it leads the imagination further, and is great with kids of all ages.

  9. really great looking. Love the sparkly look.

  10. Love It!

  11. My Mom would really like this gift!Who wouldn’t, I mean, it’s sparkly!


  13. simply beautiful!!!

  14. Beautiful ornaments especially at night with the lights of the tree.

  15. very good idear,its a A progect.

  16. very beauitful and creative i used it already it was worth it all.(Lots of comments on it.)

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