Make your own Unicorn Christmas Stocking

Make your own Unicorn Christmas Stocking

You will be different and know exactly where your presents are this Christmas, with a fun unicorn theme project! Check out the list of supplies and give it a go!

What you need

1. Satin fabric – 0.5 yard, White Color
2. Scissors and X-acto Knife
3. Felt Fabric – 4 to 5 Different Colors
4. Hotglue gun
5. Foam Board – White
6. Yarn or String
7. Stocking Template
8. Tailoring Chalk or Pencil


Step-1: Select a template for the stocking. You can do a free a hand drawing of the stocking because the pattern is really simple. Cut out 2 pieces of stocking patterns from the selected fabric. Also cut out 1 rectangular piece from white felt fabrics to show the top side fold of the stocking.


Step-2: From a piece of foam board cut out a unicorn head pattern. Add details to it, such as hair, eyes and horn. I used felt fabric for the hair, golden glossy craft fabric for the horn and cardstock papers for other details.

Step-3: As I’m using satin fabric I simply burned the open edges of the pieces to secure the side threads from coming off. Otherwise, you’ll need to fold the top edges of the fabrics twice and stitch along the folds. Place the 2 fabric pieces with the right sides facing towards each other and stitch along the sides. Do not stitch the top edge.

Step-4: Take the rectangular piece and attach it along the top edge of the stocking. Take the unicorn head pattern and place the bottom 1 inch of it inside the stocking and use hotglue gun or craft glue to attach the 1 inch part of the head pattern with the top front edge in the inside of the stocking.

Finally cut out a small piece of ribbon and attach it with the stocking as its hanging mechanism.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!