Polymer Clay – Cake Charms

Polymer Clay – Cake Charms

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What you need

-Yellow or White Modeling Clay (cake)
-Brown Modeling Clay (frosting)
-Eye Pins
-Knife or cutting tool


This is such a fun project that I garantee you won’t be able to stop after making just one!

1.  Take your yellow or white modeling clay and roll it into a ball.  Then flatten your ball into a disc that is about two inches in diameter and one eighth of an inch thick.  Repeat until you have four discs.

2.  Take your brown modeling clay and do the same process twice.  Make the second disc a little bit bigger than the first one – add about a quarter of an inch all around.

3.  Now you should have four yellow or white discs and two brown.  Pile your first yellow/white disc on top of your second.  Then put your small brown disc on top of those.  Add two more yellow/white discs on top of that.  The order should be yellow, yellow, brown, yellow, yellow.

4.  Put your large brown disc on top, and spread it so the side makes a wave, such as frosting dripping down the side of a cake.  It should not reach the very bottom of the cake, just about half way.

5.  Now you have a beautiful, whole cake.  Use your knife to cut it into eight peices.  (Halves, then quarters, then eighths.)

6.  Stick an eye pin into each slice of cake.  If you wish to add whipped cream or a cherry, take a small ball of white or red clay and stick the eye pin through that as well.

7.  Bake on an oven-proof glass sheet for about half an hour if you’re using Sculpy, or follow baking instructions (if any) on box.

8.  Take out of the oven, let cool, and have fun with your new, cute little cake charms! ~


  1. if its smudges when ur cutting just put in the fridge for like 10-20 min before u cut

  2. AnKsMemere says

    Instead of a knive, try using unflavored dental floss. That might work.

  3. these are good but the colours slide together when cutting into slices

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