How to make an adorable Owl Soft Toy

How to make an adorable Owl Soft Toy

This plushie pattern shows you how to make an adorable plushie owl.

What you need

Three or four colours in Polar fleece – you will need less than 1/2 a Meter combined.
Small bag of toy fill around 250 g for each plushie that you make.
Scraps of felt in tan/white/black


Step 1: Download the pattern:

Small Pattern: 5 inch

Large Pattern: 15 inch.

Step 2:  Begin by sewing your face on the front – starting with the eyes.

First the coloured felt piece, then the white section followed by the black circles. Theses can be either sewn on the sewing machine or hand sewn.

Step 3: Sew the beak pieces together – you can either turn and fill or fill with the stitching on the outside. It is much easier to pin and stitch the beak in place once you have filled your body.

Step 4: Next sew your tummy panel on. This too can be machined or hand sewn. You can if you wish do this in printed felt.

Step 5: Now sew the feet. The stitching is on the outside so you do not need to turn. Trim around the stitch line and then pin in position at the bottom of your front piece (facing inwards).

Step 6: With right side facing inwards, sew your two body pieces together. Remember to sew your feet inwards and leave a gap down one side around where the wing will hang. This way, when you have turned and filled him – the stitches closing up the gap will not be seen.

Step 7: Sew around both your wings leaving a gap so you can turn (but do not fill with wadding).

Step 8: Now hand sew the wings and beak in place.

All done!

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