Plushie – Miss Felti Rabbit

Plushie – Miss Felti Rabbit


What you need

Embroidery threads
Needle and Thread
Toy Filling/wadding
Embellishment ribbons


Use the following pattern to create your 11 inch doll.

Felt Rabbit Pattern

Cut 2 body pieces

Cut 1 face piece in white

Cut 1 nose in black

Cut 2 ear inserts in white

Cut teeth in white

Sew the two body pieces together and leave the top open between the ears for filling.

Now fill slightly with wadding and stitch up the gap between the ears.

Position the face piece and stitch around it. You can use a dab of glue or some straight pins to hold it into place whilst you stitch around it .

Embroider the black section and place the teeth underneath.

Stitch into place the ear section (inner ear).

Embroider the eyes.

The nose can either be embroidered or you can use a felt piece.


  1. aww, perfect for my scrap felt.

  2. im going to make these for my cousins for christmas. thanks for the idea!

  3. this is absolutely adorable! i’m deffinitely going to make this as soon as i get stuffing. thank you!

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