Plushie – Lady Bug

Plushie – Lady Bug

A small cuddly toy for your little ones. And so easy to make!

What you need

1/4 mts each of red/black Polar fleece (body)
Small amount of white either Polar fleece or felt (for face)
1 black pipe cleaner (cut in half) and 2 red pompoms
20 gm of toy fill


Step 1: Download the Lady Bug Pattern.

Step 2: Cut out all your pattern pieces.

Step 3: Stitch the red pieces on to the body pieces.

Step 4: Stitch your black spots at random on the red wings.

Step 5: Stitch the white section on to the head for your face and then stitch on the black eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 6: Sew around your feet and leave a small gap for turning. Turn but do not fill, sew up the gap.

Step 7: Sew your feet on to the front of the body at the bottom. Check your diagrams for direction.

Step 8: Stitch both sides together (remember to face them inwards). Make sure that the back ends up with only a narrow strip of black showing under the red wings. The front is a little wider.

Step 9: As you sew around, sew your pipe cleaners in place as you go but leave a gap at one side for turning.

Step 10: Once you have filled him, sew up the gap.

All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!