Plushie – Banana Man

Plushie – Banana Man

This tutorial shows you how to sew a banana man using felt and simple techniques. You can make him as big or as small as you like using a hand drawn pattern to suit your needs.

What you need

Cream Felt
Toy Filling/Wadding
2 Black beads for eyes
Yellow Fur Fabric or fleece


Using the diagram as a guide cut your fabric pieces to suit by first hand drawing a banana shape and creating your pattern.

Banana plushie pattern

Cut 3 outer skin, 3 inner skin and 3 flesh pieces.

Sew the 3 inner skins to the outer skins. Sew 3 sections together as far as the fold line in the diagram.

Sew flesh pieces together and fill with wadding.

Push the flesh section into the skin section and sew into place.

Sew the eyes and mouth on or use a marker pen or embroidery thread to create features.

The nose was created by stitching a small circles in running stitch, then before drawing up use your needle to pull a lump (the size of a nose) into the circle, then draw up the stitches to create the nose. Secure with a few stitches and cut off thread.

And you’re done!


  1. Cute 😀


  3. i think i will make this for my friends birthday along with some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!
    (sorry, couldnt help that one)

  4. Wonderful Idea

  5. awesome

  6. you could put zippers so a child could “peel” him

  7. I _LOVE_ IT!!! No comments!? Must be new!?–LEE*J*Smith

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