Simple Daisy Embellishment Card

Simple Daisy Embellishment Card

Another great DIY card idea - a yellow daisy card.

What you need

5″ by 7″ white folded greeting card with envelope
Pale yellow ribbon with threaded tags
4.5″ by 6.5″ yellow cardstock paper
3D foam dots 1/16″ thin
White and pink fabric flower accents
Craft stick glue


Once you have all of your material ready, you may glue down your yellow cardstock onto your greeting card.

Be careful to not smudge you glue anywhere. Now, carefully thread your pale yellow ribbon through the threaded tag.

Once you have done that, use your 3D foam dots to stick the ribbon and tag onto your card.

Place your ribbon and tag horizontally right in the middle of the card.

Now, for the finished touch place your flower that you have created, right in the middle of the tag, using your 3D foam dots.


  1. Cute.

  2. pls more like this cards

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