Pine Cone Succulent Garden

Pine Cone Succulent Garden

This easy DIY tutorial shows you how to make Pine Cone Succulent Garden Craft

What you need

Supplies needed:
– container or planter of choice
– assorted pine cones
– green and yellow craft paint
– filler such as gravel, sand, stones
– paint brush


Pine Cone Succulent Garden Craft

1. begin by applying the craft paint to both the tops and underside of your pine cones. You can decide which end of the pine cone will be showing and paint the appropriate end.

2. Create texture to your pine cone succulent by using various shades of green and yellow as we did. You may wish to paint the pine cone a solid color then use a lighter color to accent the tips of the cone. Allow to dry.

3. Fill your container with sand, dirt, or a filler of your choice. You can also add stones, faux moss rocks, etc.

4. Once the pine cones are dry you can place them in the container. Just press them in so they are secure. Arrange as you wish.
5. Your pine cone succulent garden is now ready to be displayed!


  1. Linda Holder says

    I liked that ideal very much & can you use any type pine cones.

  2. I think this is very lovely idea and I will give it a go as the pine trees here are dropping them now, thank you the idea perfect

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