Christmas Card: Snowy Snowman

Christmas Card: Snowy Snowman

Kids will love to help you out in making this snowy snowman card.

What you need

5 x 7 white greeting card with envelope
3 x 7 light blue paper
Craft stick glue
3D foam dots
7″ thin light blue ribbon
Blue ink pad
Stamp “Happy Holidays”
Snowman embellishment


To start making this card, glue the light blue paper on the top portion of the card.

Next, glue the thin strip of blue ribbon right where the blue paper ends, just as shown. Now place your Snowman somewhere on the left hand side.

Using the 3D foam dots glue the snowflakes on the top portion of the blue card.

And last, using your ink pad and stamp, place your stamp “Happy Holidays” on the bottom portion towards the right hand side.


  1. so nice

  2. its so nice to see other peoples ideas

  3. It’s great!!!

  4. Very cute, and simple. I like it alot! Great idea too, I’ll make one like that for nextyear!!

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