Pendants – Crafty Craft Frame

Pendants – Crafty Craft Frame

This Jewelry making project shows you how to make a necklace pendant using a small craft frame.

What you need

small craft frame
small pictures (or magazine cut-outs)
paper/tissue paper
glue stick
paint (or nail polish)
a hot glue gun


1. Pop the insert out of the frame and use as a template. Cut pictures from magazines or family portraits to fit your template & glue onto paper making a collage. You can use a pretty tissue paper as a background ( I used silver tissue paper).

2.You may want to paint the outside of the frame. I used black nail polish, it looks nice and shiny.

3. Add buttons, beads, or rhinestones to the frame. You can also glue ribbon flowers or bows onto the frame. The possibilities are endless.

4. Add the chain to the frame and pop you picture collage inside.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!