Pencil Snowman

Pencil Snowman

Use pencil to create a snowman. Perfect for a fun holiday Christmas craft project!

What you need

l pencil
l chenille stem
l bell
1 button
2″ sq. black felt
5″ X 1″ felt strip
white card stock
fine black marker
pink marker or crayon


Step 1. Cut a circle about 3/4″ diameter from white card stock, and glue onto the pencil, just below the metal of the eraser.

Step 2. Center one side of 2″ black felt square over the forehead area of the white circle, and glue in place. Bring the other two sides to the back, and glue.

Step 3. Cut 1″ from a chenille stem, pass the bell through, and gather the top of the hat, and twist the chenille stem around the top of the hat.

Step 4. Glue the center of the scarf strip at the back of the pencil, bring the two ends to the front, criss-cross, and glue in place.

Step 5. Glue a button in the center of the scarf.

Step 6. Add facial features with fine black marker, color cheeks in with pink marker or crayon.

All done!


  1. Nowhere does this say it’s a recycled craft…so just go ahead and use a whole NEW pencil!

  2. cute and easy project, but to stick with the “recycling” aspect of it, make sure these materials (pencil, button, felt, cardstock etc) are all scraps from old projects!!! its not recycling if you go out and buy new materials 🙂

  3. cute christmas decoration!

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