Peek A Boo Activity Box

Peek A Boo Activity Box

This project shows you how to make a quick peek a boo box for your infant. It is a great interactive novelty toy.

What you need

Clear Plastic Product Box
Plastic bottle lids (non toxic items)
Craft Glue


Start by collecting brightly colored lids from non toxic items such a shampoo bottles etc. Wash them well and allow them to dry before using them.

Take a clear plastic product box from an item you have bought and place the lids inside. Seal the ends of the box up with the craft glue and allow to dry.

Your child can peek at the shapes, roll them around and even shake them like a rattle.


  1. Great idea for the little ones, and they rather play with things around the house, rather than an expensive toy.

  2. boring

  3. @JakeGigi&LolasMommy
    Never would have thought you had 3 kids…
    Anyway, this project is great like many others on the site but the users are a bit stupid.

  4. I have studied early childhood development for several years, and I can say that, yes this does actually serve a purpose, and most babies would play with this. It stimulates cognitive development, helps with fine motor development, and with visual and auditory development. This is exactly the type of stuff that you are SUPPOSED to give babies to play with

  5. Cute!

  6. I have nothing to say but yuck! What kid would want to play with that!

  7. JakeGigi&LolasMommy says

    I think its very clever! I have 3 kids & spent 100s on fancy toys. All they ever wanted 2 play w were basic niknaks around the house. Gr8 idea! I’m going to make it 4 my 18mo old!

  8. ???what in the world???

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