Pearls And Flowers Card

Pearls And Flowers Card

This card making project shows you how to make a beautiful floral pearl dimension card.

What you need

5” by 7” white folded greeting card with envelope
Dark purple 5” by 7” cardstock
Light purple 4.5” by 6” cardstock
“Jolee’s Boutique” dimensional flower stickers
Craft stick glue
Dimensional pearl stickers


First, all you need to do is layer on your cardstock on top of one another.

Glue your dark purple cardstock on first, then the light purple on top of that.

Make sure to have equal amount of space all around your purple cardstock.

The next step would either be sticking your flowers onto your purple cardstock or sticking your pearl stickers on the dark purple border.

You will need to do both, but it does not matter what order they are done in.

All done!

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