Baby Shower – Bunny Favors

Baby Shower – Bunny Favors

These face washer bunny's are great for baby shower gifts and favors.

What you need

Face washer
Wobbly eyes
elastic band
small gift


You can use this technique to make center pieces, table settings or use it to hold small gifts for the mother to be.

We placed a small talcum powder into our bunny for a fun baby shower game prize.

How to make the bunny using face wash towel:
Roll the towel diagonally from either side into the center.


Fold the rolled length in half.



Half way down this folded length place the elastic around it to secure it in place. This rounded section forms the body.


The two loose ends that are remaining form the ears. Fold the ear section back onto the body forming the head.


Secure with elastic.

You can leave the ears floppy or make them pointy.

Finish the bunny off by tying the ribbon around the head.

Add the wobble eyes, either with glue or some double sided tape (so it can be removed later).


  1. These are “Boo-Boo Bunnies”, they’re meant to have an ice cube placed in the center to put on babys “Boo-boos”. Good idea to put the powder in it for the baby shower though!

  2. gr8 idea…

  3. awwwwwwwww!! ive been making these for forever. we put a bag of ice cream in them and they were clled boo booo bunny’s

  4. I love these!! I first saw them when I was 8 and fell in love with them.
    I’ll be making some for a baby shower gift this weekend!!
    I’ll be pinning some cotton balls to the backside for a tail!!
    Thanks for the great instructions 🙂

  5. I have been making these little cuties for years. Mostly to give out at Easter. I make several in pastel colors. I insert a Cadbury Cream filled egg in the center instead of the powder. They fit perfectly. Children and adults just love these!

  6. Cute, but maybe a more distinct way to make it look like a bunny. i dont no how, but i couldn’t really tell…

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