Patriotic Star Block Craft

Patriotic Star Block Craft

Perfect for 4th of July craft activity, make this patriotic star block using wood blocks.

What you need

4 x 4 Wood Blocks
Scroll saw and craft wood or Star Cutout
Craft paint
Foam brush
Sand paper
Wood glue


To make a 5 inch star pattern click on the picture above and copy to Word and right click mouse to select print. Cut out pattern and trace onto craft wood of choice- use a scroll saw to cut the star out.

You can also purchase wood cut out stars at most craft stores if you do not know how to use a scroll saw.

Once you have your star cut out and sanded, Cut your 4×4 blocks using a chop saw and sand- my blocks measured 4″ and 7″. Paint stars and blocks and set aside to dry. Once paint is dry, lightly sand blocks and star edges to give a rustic look.

Glue stars with wood glue and let dry for the recommended time on the instructions label. When glue is dry- your cute blocks are ready to display!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!