Ribbon and Bead Bracelet

Ribbon and Bead Bracelet

An easy ribbon and bead bracelet tutorial

What you need

2 Ribbons
Seed beads


1.)cut one piece of wire and two pieces of ribbon to your desired length. Then tie all 3 together, leaving a 3/4″ tail.

2.)Thread beads onto the wire until you have a length that will fit around your wrist. You can make a pattern with the beads if you want.

3.)Now start braiding the ribbons and wire. 4.)Tie them all together when you get the length you want. It is now ready to wear!ENJOY!!

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  1. i love this project its so easy and simple to make i have no complaints after doing this

  2. Loved the idea of this bracelet, however, I think I would have put the beads on something stretchy since there is not going to be a clasp.

  3. Simple yet looks good. Love the idea

  4. A good bracelet to make for a quick craft

  5. very simple. Something you could make at the last minute for you or someone for a gift. Those colors are good for christmas.

  6. annsupercool says

    cute project

  7. it looks really nice but i want to know if you crimp the end up the wire with the beads on it before you start braiding?

  8. I like its idea.. so simple yet really nice !

  9. 2 die 4!

  10. THat looks awsome !!

  11. craftygirlxoxo says

    omg. so cute!! and so easy!! i am definately going to make this bracelet!

  12. Neat idea, but seriously bad colour choice!

  13. i like how the instructions are very simple, well actually the whole idea is simple. very good.

  14. thumbs ^

  15. great idea…id love to try this

  16. nicee

  17. something i would luuuuv to try!

  18. i did this and i am very good at beadign and this was a great project for me

  19. oooh very cool

  20. fav!!

  21. this is actually the least complicated bead craft ive seen yet

  22. i guess it kind of cool

  23. this is very pretty..its great how people can get such great ideas on the internet

  24. cute!!

  25. i made it and it came out pretty nice..i made a very pretty matching anklet that i really love

  26. wow…sounds like something id love to try!

  27. bead_lover01 says

    Very simple and comes out quite nice. This is a very simple craft and easy for kids.

  28. Sounds like a good thing to make at my daughters birthday. Thanks for the idea!

  29. i cannot wait to go make this..good idea

  30. wow wat a great idea!!!

  31. awesome..i made it and it looks very cute…i used the same idea to make a necklace and that came out good too♥

  32. in this one you braid it but twisting is another way.

  33. egyptologist9 says

    stunning i’m printing it as I write but do you twist it or actually braid it

  34. this craft is easy because I am only 11 and very good at craft

  35. this craft is easy because I am 11

  36. Can’t wait to see a picture !!

  37. Sorry! there is no picture available at the moment! I will try to add one as soon as possible!

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