Pasta Crafts

Pasta Crafts

Pasta has it's place in the kitchen but also has a place in a craft room. Here are a few craft ideas that involve pasta.

What you need

Pasta in a variety of shapes and sizes


Pasta Decorative Jars – Use different colors and shapes of pasta to fill up recycled or decorative jars for kitchen decorations or kids paper weights.

Pasta Jar Tops – Use PVA glue(white craft glue) to stick dry pasta onto the top of jars for fancy storage containers. Seal them with some varnish once the glue has dried.

Pasta Frames/Mirrors – Add Pasta shapes to the edge of mirrors or picture frames using some craft glue, and seal with varnish.

Pasta Necklaces – Threading pasta elbows onto the string, painting them and decorating with glitter etc., to make necklaces and jewelry. By user Heidi

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  1. does any one know how to make a pasta weathi would love to make one for my elderly friends if anyone know could please put it on this page thank you

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