Halloween Trinket Wreath

Halloween Trinket Wreath

Turn an ordinary store bought wreath into a Halloween themed one using these simple steps.

What you need

Wooden, twiggy wreath from craft store
Flat Black spray paint
Large Paint Brush (optional)
Purple Paint (optional)
Halloween trinkets
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks


Lay the wreath out on some newspaper/cardboard/old sheets on a flat surface (make sure your newspaper/cardboard/old sheet is considerably bigger than the wreath to protect from overspray)

Using the flat black spray paint, paint both sides of the wreath black. I sprayed it with 3 light coats, waiting 20 minutes between each coat. After it was mostly dry, I then hung it on a pole to dry more evenly. After the 2nd coat dried, I used a purple paint and dry brushed the whole wreath to create just a hint of color.

I didn’t press too heavily, only brushed it on very lightly, so it hit only the exposed surfaces of the wreath. (I did this cause a lot of the items i was gluing onto my wreath are black, so i wanted them to stand out, and plus, my favorite halloween colors are black and purple.

Then, after picking out which Halloween trinkets I wanted to use (I got the 50 count bag of Creepy Creatures from Michaels which has plastic spider rings, rubber bats, rubber spiders, glow in the dark skeletons, and finger puppets), I started to hot glue them on. For the G-I-D skeletons, I took the heads off of all of them except for one. So I have 5 little skulls and one full skeleton. I also took 4 of the finger puppets that came with the trinkets and glued them on the inner edge of the wreath so they stand up straight (i glued the finger openings down).

To glue down the spider rings, I put hot glue on both sides of the band part of the ring and stuck that in between the branches of the wreath. That way, the spider lays flat, and stays put really well

This wonderful wreath project was contributed by Bella_Karloff (bellakarloff@gmail.com)


  1. Great Idea Thanks

  2. I love to decorate my doors and this will be easy to make unique.

  3. great idea and easy to put together

  4. I like this too! It might be cool to add some leaves, like maple or oak (real or plastic) sprayed black (maybe add alittle purple or orange) to fill it out some. Good job!

  5. I really like it! I am going to pick up my supplies at Michael’s this evening and make one in time for trick or treat night! What a great idea!

  6. I like! Easy to do and to store as well.

  7. Very creative!!! I have to try it!

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