Party Bunting – Vintage

Party Bunting – Vintage

This lovely floral bunting is double-sided so you can hang it anywhere. It’s perfect as a reusable party decoration or for a baby or little girl’s room. I’ve used a floral vintage bed sheet, but you can use any fabric you like.

What you need

Floral vintage sheet (or fabric of your choice)
Bias tape, 1 inch (25mm) wide, 10ft (3m) long
Thread to match bias tape
Pins, sewing machine, scissors


1. Begin by drawing a template onto some cardboard or paper. Make an upside down triangle that is 5 ½ inches (14cm) along the top and 7 inches (18cm) high.

Bunting Step 1

2. Cut out your template, place it on your fabric and trace around it to get your pattern pieces. Cut out 20 triangles (this will make 10 flags).

Bunting Step 2

3. Pin pairs of triangles together with the right sides of the fabric facing towards each other.

4. Stitch along both sides of each triangle, but leave the top open.

Bunting Step 4

5. Trim the corners and any loose threads.

Bunting Step 5

6. Turn each flag inside out so the right side of the fabric is now on the outside. Iron them so they are nice and flat.

7. Now it’s time to pin your little flags to the bias tape. Start by folding the bias tape length-ways and pinning the first 20 inches (50cm) to itself. This will make a tie at the end for stringing up your bunting.

Bunting Step 7

8. Position the first flag so that the top of the triangle covers half the width of the bias tape. Fold the other half down on top of the flag and pin all the layers together.

Bunting Step 8

9. Continue to position and pin all the flags, leaving a gap of 2 inches (5cm) in between each one.

10. Once you have pinned down the bias tape all the way along, including another 20 inches (50cm) after the last flag for the tie at the other end, sew the entire length of the bunting.

Bunting Step 10

And you’re done! Now you have a lovely homemade, upcycled decoration for your next occasion, be it a BBQ, garden party or baby shower.

Variations: you may like to vary the size of your flags, the number of flags, the size of the space left between them etc. You can even use two or more complementary or contrasting fabrics to give your bunting a more festive look or to suit a particular theme.

DIY Party Bunting


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