Paper Mache Basket

Paper Mache Basket

Using a balloon, make a paper mache basket that is fun for the kids!

What you need

Cut-Out newspapers


Blow the balloon to the wanted size.

Place the balloon in a circular cardboard.

Mix some glue and water together.

Slop the glue mixture into the bottom half of the balloon.

Let it dry for about a day.

Pop the balloon and stick a paper handle on top of the basket.

Paint and display.


  1. Worst. Tutorial. Ever.

  2. needs to mention how much ingredients

  3. it was cool , very homy

  4. actually I think the instructions should have read – put glue on 1/2 balloon -(the outside) cover with paper cover with glue again- let dry – then burst balloon — I used to make these with string and put things inside to decorate — birds – flowers etc

  5. I think something is missing from the instructions, such as how is the paper glued

  6. boblheds says

    This would be a good craft, but I think some steps are missing. The part about putting the paper on the balloon.

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